We are a prominent manufacturer of quality Casting Powder made from Graphite carbon. Casting powder is widely used for casting of steel as well as various casting formats like blooms, billets and slabs. Casting powder that we offer is free from any sort of impurities. It is also used as a lubricating agent in order to prevent sticking of mould surface with metal.

Casting powder provides easy and fast solidification of metal by providing high reheat removal from metal. Casting powder forms a good lubricating film on the surface of mould not allowing solidifying metal adhesion to the mould. Casting powder increases the quality of a metal surface. Casting Powder gives the very good performance at elevated temperatures with the aid of its well-selected additives. Casting Powder is cheaper than Rapeseed/Casting oil.

How It Works:
Casting Powder contains low melting constituents that instantly generates liquid slag, which penetrates into the gap between the mould and the solidifying shell of the billet. Casting powder is added in small amounts and continuously over the casting duration. The melting of the casting powder occurs in the billet/slab/bloom always remains protected from the atmosphere.

Traditionally Casting powder is used for bloom and slab casting, but now it is also used for billet (Open) casting also as an alternative to mould oil for some plants.

Other Details:

SiO2 30-33%
Al2O3 4-7%
Na2O/K2O 5-8%
C free 20-23%
Melting Point 1050 ± 20 °C
Viscosity at 1300 °C 4.2 – 4.8 POISE